Monday, January 10, 2011


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the cutest lil' cousin (& 2nd cousin) of ours!
She is seriously the cutest thing eva'.... So lucky to have her in our fam! PLUS, shes my kinda girl... totally into cupcakes! YES! Shes my cuppycake queen....

LOVE ya Miss K! :)

*K's cuppycakes; cherry chip with vanilla buttercream!

She is totally into this Pinkalicious... I just may be now 2! ;)

All cupcake themed!

Plus, they all SPARKLE!

...& a big GIANT cuppycake, all for HER!

& of course our gift to her... Pinkalicous Cupcakes!

& the doll herself, DIGGIN' IN!!!
See, my kinda girl...


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