Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Team Edward!

I made these 'Team Edward' Cupcakes for my gals for our Eclipse movie last night! (which I LOVED btw... how could ya'not?!) We had such a great time- again! Can't wait for Breaking Dawn!! (duh...)
I snuck two boxes of these bad boys into the theatre... which really wasn't to hard, they didn't even seem to care how big my purse was!

Anyways, Edwards Cupcakes below consist of:
White cake, filled with raspberry filling, & topped of with vanilla frosting & SpArKlEs!

....yes, and TEAM JACOB!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Toy Story 2!

Of course it's Toy Story 2 for me, being my second T.S. cake!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 LUKE!!! I hope you had a great birthday, and enjoyed your cake!!

(Thanks Sara!!) ;)

Lukes cake is White cake with a classic vanilla buttercream frosting... .

Friday, June 11, 2010


Hope you & your fam had a GREAT day, & enjoy your cake tonight!!!

**Cody's Cake... White cake with a strawberry cream cheese filling..... E.n.J.o.Y.!!

The set-up at the grad's house!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My 1st Wedding Cake!

ahhhh my 1st wedding cake= DONE!!!

This cake, I loved! I loved that the beautiful bride chose black & pink for her colors. They were so fun to work with! I was also surprised for how smoothy things seemed to be going for me on this one... I can't even begin to express how nervous I was for this cake! Mainly because it was a 'wedding' cake. WEDDING. That word freaked me out! I've only done birthdays, anniversarys, graduations, etc. etc... so throw the 'W' word in there... HELLO anxiety!
But thanks to my wonderful MIL, and hubby taking D fishing/camping, I had a WHOLE day to myself, to crank it out- (well, plus other days involved as well!) and things just went smoothly for me! ThAnK YoU.

ok, now I can breathe....

Pics of my process....

Cakes being Iced & filled.
Cakes flavors are:
Top: Double chocolate cake with chocolate creme & Reese's filling. (yum)
Middle: French Vanilla cake with strawberry filling.
Bottom: Devils cake with chocolate creme filling.

& diamonds with their lil' pearls!
stacked, w/out their 'bottom's.
'bottoms' on!
Cake toppers.
& now, at the wedding!!

cakes made it safely! So glad I didn't have to drive far!

Cake after the bride & groom cut!
Stress/anxiety/nervousness= ALL GONE!!
CONGRATS TARA & JASON!! You two looked absolutely beautiful & SO happy together!!!
Thanks again for letting me do this for you!