Wednesday, March 11, 2015

For a favorite...

... Which is my sons 1st grade teacher!! We just love her. She's the best. 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY again Mrs. H!! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Groovy, baby!!

This fun tie-dyed cake was for a 60's themed party! *of course. 
Hope you all had a groovy time!! 😉✌️

Wedding time!

My baby's 3rd!!

Here are some treats that I did for my lil princesses 3rd birthday!! 🎀

Pretzel rods...

The cake. All she asked for was; a pink cake mommy!! 😍🎀


And hidden in there are chocolate dipped marshmallows & cake pops. 

And I had to jazz up the water bottles, to!! 💦

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestest girly friend ever!!! 😘

Just a few extras...

Bee themed cupcakes. 🐝
A couple of dozen of these chocolate cake pops covered in a dark chocolate coating for the ultimate chocolate lover!! 🍫

And a baseball themed smash cake! ⚾️ (Baseball was added in on their shoot)