Saturday, October 18, 2014

Girl, or boy?!

Another gender reveal...!!! And I'm so in love with doing these cakes! Ah! So fun!
This one was for the mama who had asked me to do my very first reveal cake, too! They has such a fun theme... Was baby gonna be a 'cute lil cupcake', or a 'handsome stud muffin'? 
What's big brothers new baby gonna be...?!? 

A BOY!!! 👏👏👏

So fun! I get addicted to these cakes- I wanna make more of em! 

Bling-blinged out!

These totally blinging cake pops were for A completely blinged out wedding! 👍 
*Flavors were; chocolate, white, red velvet, & lemon. 

The Nightmare...

... Before Christmas cake pops! 
Chocolate cake Jack & Sally's! 

Can it get any better?!

I made this huge Reese's chocolate PB cake for a great friend of mine; for her birthday of course!! 
3 layers of devils food cake, filled & smothered in PB frosting, & topped with Reese's & drizzled in more chocolate....!!! <3

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I LOVE hosting October bunco... So fun! So I of course made a cake; a black velvet with purple buttercream & a chocolate layer covering the top. For more desserts I made salted caramel rice Krispy treats, (so good that I have since made them again...) pumpkin bars with a gingerbread crust, & Oreo bark. I also did caramel dipped PEARS for the lucky winners! Mmmmmm.... 
(Oh ya, I also made dinner for everyone to- but to me, that's just not to important.) :p 

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Big cake for a good friend of mine!! Happy wedding day #codyandalaynia2014!! <3