Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mother's Day goodness!

I made this cake for all of the mamas celebrating Mother's Day with me at our house! Chocolate raspberry. It was chocked-full of raspberries in the middle and on top! Also covered in a milk chocolate ganache. 👌perfect. 


This rose cake was for the CUTEST lil babe; for her one year photo shoot! 

For my love...

I made this chocolate banana cake for my wonderful husband's birthday! ❤️

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekend treats!

This weekend was a busy FUN one- this first cake was for a silent auction for our church. 
It's 4 layers of white cake, filled with a cookies & cream filling, & covered in a chocolate buttercream. Yum!! It was so tall! 

Then we had my aunties birthday swim/bbq party at our home; so of course I did some treats for it! Birthday girls choice of cupcakes; chocolate PB! DONE! ❤️

And then of course I saw these awesome looking raspberry brownies from Six Sisters Stuff, so of course those had to be made to. And they were DOPE. Loved them!! 

Hope everyone had a great fun weekend too!