Saturday, October 3, 2015

Smash cake for what theme...??

...MICKEY of course ! ��
This one was for a Mickey themed photo shoot. All the red & black decor was ready to go, & just needed a little yellow added in! ��

All for the pink!

FLAMINGO! Made this fun flamingo cake for a favorite auntie of mine!! This one also was stuffed with a PINK cookies & cream filling as well! ��

Bridal love!

...because I loved these colors together!  Can't wait for the big wedding day, & cake for miss A!  ��

For my oldest babe!

This lego cake was for my oldest lil child... 10!!! Happy birthday to the boy who made me a mama!! ��love him crazy-like! 

And some chocolate lego pieces too!

Another Mickey Smash!

Tonz & tonz of Mickeys lately!!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Missionary time!

Congrats to Elder Jordan for choosing to serve a 2 year mission in the Kennewick Washington area! ��

A favorite!

Ombre rose cake!