Thursday, August 23, 2012

LOTS & LOTS of extras!! Finally!

Since having this BEAUTIFUL baby of mine, I have wanted to slow down lots on this department, & just enjoy her! & we totally have been! She's such a doll- & so much fun!!
But I did mange to sneak in a few orders & such while having her around- so here are a few samples from everything that has been going on!
(I hope you people haven't forgotten about me!!) ;)
So here they are; in a crazy, crazy order!!
mini strawberry chocolate dipped cupcakes!
Snickerdoodle cupcakes!

My babys blessing cupcakes!

These 3 above; an order for a Rapunzel themed party!

Chocolate cake pops!

Lemon-blueberry cake!

our step-dads 60th Harley themed cake/cupcakes!

Hubby's fav- his German Chocolate cake!


Easter Cadbury cupcakes!

Dino cake!

the 2 above were for my baby boys 4th birthday! He wanted a 'green, white chocolate cake!'

a gorgeous wedding!

Lemon Blueberry cupcakes! (has been a summer FAV!)

an 80's themed birthday party!
Angry Birds cake!

Pinky cupcakes!

SIL's strawberry kit-kat cake!
MORE to come; got some on the schedule! YAY!
Stay with me!!! :) :)

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