Friday, September 16, 2011

Pirates Cove Wedding!

So fun! This wedding was at a residence house in Boulder City, NV.
SUPER FUN wedding.
So glad I was able to do their cakes!

*Cake pops; chocolate cake with cream cheese icing, & vanilla with cream cheese icing.
*2 Tiered cake; Banana cream cake with cream cheese icing.

Getting all the cake pops ready! 236 of 'em...

The cake set up at the house.

Just a small pic of only about half of this mansion....

CONGRATS again to the beautiful bride & groom!

(P.S. Thanks for the invite to come back! We had a blast!!)


  1. Hi! My Fiance and I really would love to have our wedding here. Do you know who we can contact to set this up? We talked to a realty person once, but they say its a two day minimum for $10,000 dollars a day. and we really only need it for half a day... do you know how this lucky Bride and Groom pulled it off? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hello Ronni! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!
      I am not sure how this lucky bride & groom pulled it off... :/ but I have heard about it being $10,000 a day! Wow! Crazy huh!? I wish I could give u more info... So sorry! Maybe online you could find more info on it...?
      GOOD LUCK!

    2. Thank you! And Thank you so much for getting back to me. :o) I had actually found you by looking online about it. It is very hard to find any info on this house. Thank you for your help anyways! I'll keep searchin'!

    3. Oh your very welcome! Good luck on the search!! I hope you are able to come across some info- this place was amazing!!

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