Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a new cupcake!

On my LONG list of cupcake flavors I would love to try.... I finally got one of my top ones down!

a S'mores Cupcake.

**I did a Devils food cake, with graham cracker crumbs mixed in the batter, a layer of a mixture containing; more cracker crumbs, butter & brown sugar, topped that with a 1/2 jumbo marshmallow, topped off with more batter, & sprinkled with more of the sugar mixture! Then for the finishing touch, douse the thing in Ganache, more mallows, & sprinkle with crumbs! WA-LAH!
They turned out just how I wanted 'em! (Thank goodness...) They were so fun to make, & DE-LISH as well!!

& heres a little process of 'em as well...

batter & the sugar mixture...

mallow to follow... (ha.)

topped with more batter & crumbs...

& right out of the oven! Love how the marshmallow seeps thru, making it all gooey & stuff....

cover in Ganache & more mallows...

sprinkle with crumbs!

& all done!!!
(*Thanks to all my testers & everyone who took these puppies in!!)


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