Friday, July 9, 2010

RED, WHITE, & green?!

Hope everyone had an awesome 4TH OF JULY!!!
We sure did... :)

SO, ya these cupcakes weren't exactly how I wanted them to turn out. The taste however- just fine. BUT- I'm a perfectionist... I wanted them to be how they were supposed to be; RED. WHITE. & BLUE.
But nope... the hubby picked up some vanilla ice cream from the store- there was NO blue in sight- & picked up possibly the most yellowie vanilla ever for me to tint! Ya, there was no amount of blue that was gonna make it blue/blue! So, my cupcakes were not so American... oh well.
*Thank you Red Velvet for not letting me down!!

So here my cupcakes consist of Red Velvet cake, vanilla ice cream, & a frozen whipped topping, (marshmallow creme & heavy whipping cream).

We of course still enjoyed them... just a little ticked. ;)

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  1. I think they are beautiful!! I bet by the time they were eating them (to see the green) they were too yummy to care what color it was!!!


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