Saturday, March 27, 2010

Thomas Cake!

'Thomas the Train' cake for Ryder!
Once again, this was a super fun cake to make! I got this referral from a friend... her co-workers lil' boy LOVES Thomas, so it's only right to have a Thomas cake!

The flavors for this cake were; top layer: french vanilla cake with banana creme pie pudding filling. Bottom layer: Chocolate cake with ice cream sandwhich pudding filling.

Here ya go Sara! Thanks so much for letting me do this for you!! :D

Ready to go!!
**Next up, a GIRLY cake!!! YAY!**


  1. I love looking at your creations! It's a BEAUTIFUL cake! I love it so much....dreaming of what tanner will be 'in to' around his next birthday - maybe we'll have to celebrate in st. george again and you can deliver a cake :)

  2. You are so amazing! You have inspired me...way to achieve your goals! Can't wait to see what you kreate next! :)

  3. I love this cake, is awsome.
    I have to make one soon and i'm a little scared... my first two layers cake for my son that loves Thomas.
    Bye, i'll follow you.

  4. Thank you guys! :)
    One of my favorites!
    & Azzurra- I'm sure you'll do just fine!!! :) :)


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